North Fork Table & Inn, Southold

Okay, my blog is about the goings on in the Hamptons. However, I have to tell you about this restaurant on the north fork that’s really come into it’s own, the North Fork Table & Inn in Southold. It’s one of the best restaurants on the twin forks. My birthday is tomorrow and that means I get a couple of days of enjoying my favorite restaurants around the clock. The North Fork Table & Inn is my choice for this evening. Go to their website and take a look at what they’re offering and sign up for their emails for specials. Tonight I’ll be taking advantage of their early bird price fixed offer.

Via email, I see the North Fork Table is offering a three course price fixed dinner for only $45 per person. My dinner party will go with the wine pairing for an additional $30 or so. I’ll let you know for sure when we order. This special is only offered on the slower nights of the week between 5-6:30. Even if, with wine pairing, it turns out to be $75 per person, in my experience it’s well worth it.

I once went for a seven course price fixed meal with wine pairing, but it was simply too much food. The price was high ($125 per person plus $30 for wine pairing), but the food was out of this world and arguably worth the cost. I recommend trying it once for the experience.

Having spent part of my life on the north fork, I have a soft spot for it. The open farm land, the numerous farm stands, the beautiful and award winning vineyards, to some of the best grass fed beef, free range poultry, and farm raised organic produce you can put your hands on. The North Fork Table is known for taking these farm fresh ingredients and using them regularly in their restaurant. On one hand it’s elegant food, yet unpretentious. On the other hand it’s upscale comfort food. This is a sure bet, no regrets, restaurant experience.

I’ll be sure to tell you all about the experience later this evening or tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to tonight. Now that I’ve decided where to go tonight, I’ll have to decide where to go tomorrow in the Hamptons. Nick & Toni’s, the East Hampton Grill, The Palm, The American Hotel… We’ll have to look to see what’s on the menu.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I had a wonderful dinner at the North Fork Table last night. But, they must have made a mistake in their email. It wasn’t $45 per person for a three course meal, but $75. It was still worth it to me. But, the service was a touch slower than the last time I was there, and there was a screaming child in the dining room. That’s not the restaurant’s fault. But, it was off putting. It’s not a restaurant for small children.

When we were first seated, it took several minutes to be approached to see what kind of water we wanted: flat, tap, sparkling. We were presented with menus and the price fixed options were described: three courses for $75 or seven courses for $125, with wine pairing an extra $30. What struck us as odd is no one asked us for a drink order until we were ready to order. They have an extensive wine list. We decided to choose our own wines. The Lenz 2010 Merlot was especially bold and earthy with a full bouquet. I believe The Lenz Merlot won some awards for their 2010. Suffice it to say, by the time the wine arrived, we were all thirsty!

For a first course we tried the autumn cheese pumpkin soup with apple mostarda, duck confit ravioli with Provençal black olive oil. It wasn’t too thick as it may sound. You’re presented with a bowl with the ravioli in the middle, then they pour the soup around it table side. The problem it, the soup wasn’t hot. I think it must have cooled from the delivery system, kettle to pourer, pourer to bowl. It was velvety with clean flavors, but I believe it was meant to be served hot. We also had the terrine of Long Island duck and fois gras served with truffled mushrooms, pistachios, frisée salad with quail egg, mustard crème fraiche, and toast points. The terrine was enough for two to share as an appetizer. You could easily cut the bacon wrapped terrine with a fork. The mustard crème fraiche wasn’t mustardy, it was just right. I think too much mustard flavor would have thrown off the flavor combinations. The frisée salad with quail egg was delicately dressed. The truffled mushrooms were very tender and a treat on the side.

For entrées we tried the smoked Berkshire pork loin with sautéed spinach and crispy polenta with what seemed to be small pieces of potato in it. The pork loin was smoked which left it pink and delicious. Though, not so much of a usual pork loin taste as it was like smoked ham. The other entrée we tried was the risotto. Oh my goodness! One of the very best risottos I’ve ever had. It was perfectly creamy, but not mushy. Each grain of rice was identifiable without being underdone. In the risotto were mushrooms and a good taste of what I’m guessing is Parmesan. It was topped with chucks of local squash, cooked perfectly. I highly recommend this meal. I don’t remember the exact ingredients in addition to the ones I’ve mentioned. I’ll have to call the restaurant to give me their description. The risotto alone made the trip to the north fork worth it.

For dessert we ordered the pear crépes and homemade donuts (actually donut holes). The pear crépes were fair to good. The sugar and spice, warm donuts come right out of the fryer to order. We tried one sinful bite and packed the rest to have for breakfast this morning.

The hostess learned it was my birthday and the crépes came out with a candied “Happy Birthday” sign, which I thought was cute. Then she came over with a stack of packaged chocolate chip cookies for my birthday present. Then, she came by with another package of donuts and said that was for tolerating the screaming child in the dining room.

All-in-all it was a wonderful evening and a culinary treat. I highly recommend going.

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