Basmati is Not Aborio


Hi, everyone!

I really wanted to make risotto yesterday, but didn’t have Aborio rice. I had a ton of Basmati rice. So, I decided to see what would happen if I made long grain Basmati in the nature of a risotto.

I used black truffle butter with a little white truffle oil and caramelized a medium red onion. I then added about a head of chopped garlic, and a small red pepper I found in my produce basket, chopped fine. (I forgot the name of the little, round, red pepper, but it was spicy!) I added a bit more butter and oil and added the Basmati rice. I tossed it so it was covered in butter and oil and let it toast slightly to exude a nutty, floral aroma. After a few minutes I added a good amount of cream sherry. The pot bubbled and the rice sucked up the sherry. When the pot was nearly dry, I added about a cup of homemade chicken stock I had simmering on the back burner and stirred. As the pot would nearly go dry, I would add more chicken stock. I don’t know how much rice I used, probably a couple of cups. And I used a lot of stock. I just eyed it. Toward the end I added a good amount of chopped flat leaf parsley. I kept adding stock and stirring until the rice was al dente. It took about a half hour. I seasoned it with a little salt and tried some. It was sweet, spicy, delicious. What’s more, the Basmati rice kept it’s integrity. I was kind if hoping the stirring would break down the starch, but, it held up rather well to my surprise. It made for a moist rice. Not creamy, not mushy, just moist. I will actually make this experimental rice dish again. I’m going to make a chicken curry to serve with it today. Yum!

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