Chef Anne Burrell’s Braised Lamb Shank


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Yesterday I posted a link and photo to Chef Anne Burrell’s braised lamb shanks with gremolata, along with a picture of the finished product which, if I say so myself, looked very much like Chef Anne’s (except I took it before putting on the gremolata).

She writes in her recipe that you must take your time and really brown the shanks. The deep brown color lends so much to the flavor in the end. She asks you don’t rush this part. I agree. The outcome is worth the patience. And when adding the tomato paste, be sure to cook those ingredients well to get a dark, rich flavor.

If cooked to the letter, you should have a hearty autumn dish that’s simply scrumptious. The braised meat is nearly fall off the bone tender. Don’t skip the gremolata. When I sat down and had my first bite I thought, this is delicious. Then I remembered I had yet to add the gremolata. Let me tell you, it adds a hint of citrus flavor and brightens up every mouthful. I didn’t think it would make as much of a difference as it did. It truly enhances the meal.

She suggests serving it with crisp polenta cakes to soak up all the sauce. This is a great idea, but as I served this for lunch, I merely paired it with fresh local apples and a good red wine. Perfect!

Chef Anne Burrell’s braised lamb shanks are a real winner.