On Juicing


Last night I watched, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, a documentary about juicing for health and weight loss. I believe it was made in 2010. I just started seeing commercials for it again. It seems to be re-emerging. I don’t want to discuss the hour and a half long movie, I prefer you watch it if you’re interested in juicing for overall general health and/or weight loss.

The movie reminded me of how I get out the Vitamix every morning and make my green drink. I usually use kale, spinach, Swiss chard, parsley, ginger, apple, and carrots with some frozen fruit. I bought about a dozen books over time about juicing and juice fasting and using juice to cure what ails you. This was around the same time I was on an all raw foods diet. Which, by-the-way, has a great website for like minded people called Raw Food Rehab. Then I’d read how, even though it’s natural sugar, juicing still spikes your blood sugar. But, I suppose it’s still better than pancakes with butter and syrup. What I’m trying to wrap my head around is the high protein diet I enjoy along with juicing. Am I doing my body any good?

I enjoy protein drinks, egg whites, salads, lean meat and poultry, and my share of low on the glycemic index carbs. I vacillate between a mostly paleo diet and a hearty, meat and potatoes diet. I’m don’t care much for sweets except with rare exception. So, let me ask you foodies and juicers out there, is incorporating juice into your, say, average, mostly healthy diet, a good thing or simply too much sugar?

One thing I’m sure of and try to stay away from as much as possible is refined foods with additives and preservatives. I do my best to eat mostly organic foods. I blame the years of pesticide-laden foods with the combination of “convenience” foods for much of what makes us ill. At the same time, I’m a foodie and want to explore different foods, tastes and combinations of food with consciousness, but also with a bit of freedom. I suppose I’m at a crossroads between occasionally saying, “Aw, the heck with it” and eating whatever appeals to me, and deciding if I’m going to consistently eat consciously for good health.

Perhaps my struggle is a common one. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person, something I’m always struggling with to find the middle ground. I don’t want to be fanatical about every molecule I put into my mouth. But, perhaps I should be that concerned. Will I still enjoy a fulfilled life? Will things become easier as I get older if a adapt to a purely organic, no GMO, grass fed, free range, antibiotic-free, etc. etc. diet of predominantly fresh fruits and vegetables? I want to say, “yes, of course”, but I feel myself tense at the thought. Next I’ll be doing yoga on the beach. Yes, that appeals to me. But, as a self-professed foodie, I’m not sure if I can go the distance and not have, oh, I don’t know, braised short ribs, for instance.

I’d love some feedback on the subject.

Thank you!